Go Green At The Start Of The Week

Thinking about going on a health binge? Chances are you are doing so at the start of the week. At least that was what research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found after researchers analyzed weekly patterns in health-related searches on Google. Their findings showed that health related searches were 30% more common at the beginning of the week than later on in the week, with the lowest searches being on a Saturday, which isna��t surprising as many people deem the weekend to be a a�?cheata�? or treat yourself day.

So why do are we more likely to be healthier at the start of the week? Well the chances are that it is as simple as starting the week as you mean to go on! Almost like a mini New Yeara��s resolution and if you start the week strong then there is no reason why you shouldna��t continue it. Also as a lot of people live for the weekend, consuming a lot of calories and alcohol, then they see Monday as a reset day where they are healthier to make up for it and to attempt to cure their hangovers.

But what does knowing that people are more health conscious and proactive at the beginning of the week mean in terms of using this research? Well quite a lot apparently! By knowing when people are more interested in their health, public health initiatives will have a lot more impact when they take this information into account compared to if they did it during the weekend. If you target someone on a day where they are more willing to adopt healthy behaviours then you will have much more success overall, after all healthy habits have to start somewhere.

For instance if we posted this article to inform you about how unhealthy certain salads can be, the chances are you might ignore it later in the week but it could really stick with you at the beginning and therefore affect your decisions when it comes to lunch time. So in case it is the start of the week and you are reading this, here are our tips on what to avoid in salads.

Bottled Dressing
In a perfect world we would have a salad as part of every meal but we are so used to having strong flavours that people lather on bottled sauces. In truth they are very high in sugar and no better for us that fast food. Keep it clean with olive oil, balsamic and citrus juice.

Yes it is nice to have some additional texture but is eating buttery, processed bread a good idea in a healthy salad? If you are craving carbs then consider introducing the likes of sweet potato into the salad till you are sated or nuts to give you a similar crunch.

Cheese can be an important part of your diet but if you are incorporating it into all your salads or using grated cheddar then the chances are you are consuming unnecessary saturated fats, salts and calories.