Can Fast Food Be Healthy?

We all know that the vast majority of fast food is bad for us but when we are in a squeeze and on the run it can also really hit the spota��after all it is cheap, tasty and fast. The downside of this is that it tends to be loaded with enough fat and calories for an entire day and all sorts of other nasties people dona��t like to think about.

Fast food menus are a pretty difficult area to navigate if you are on a diet and we challenge anyone to find a healthy, nutritionally balanced fast food restaurant! But having said that there are ways to be healthy and also eat fast, you just have to be smart with your decisions.

But can fast food really be healthy? The key tends to be in the wording, you can make fast food a�?healthiera�? but it isna��t necessarily healthy for you. It would be pretty hard to maintain a healthy diet if you were to regularly eat at a fast food establishment, but that doesna��t mean you cana��t very occasionally treat yourself. The issue is that fast food is so high in trans and saturated fats, sodium and calories that it is almost like punishing your body, these places also tend to lack any kind of fresh fruit and vegetables too.

Have you ever heard anyone tell you moderation is the key? Well ita��s true and if you do go to a fast food restaurant then the next best advice is to choose what you eat carefully, it might not seem like a big deal at the time but all the neglect takes a toll on your body. Here are some ways to cut back on the excess:

Keep Your Meals To 500 Calories Or Less a�� You would be amazed how many calories people can put away from eating a large burger and fries, you can literally get your daily calorie intake and more in one meal. On average an adult consumes 836 calories per fast food meal, be sure to check the calories before you go wild!

Bring Your Own Health Boost a�� We arena��t so much saying to bring a pack-lunch (although that would be healthier) instead bring a few healthier bits to counteract the unhealthiness of the meal. Even bringing bottled water has an immediate benefit over drinking sugary carbonated drinks and it cuts the calorie count down a lot too.

Dona��t Be Afraid To Adjust An Order a�� A lot of places will adjust your order to suit your preference so dona��t be afraid to ask them to use a wholegrain bread instead of white or to not use too much sauce, remember every little helps.

Know Portion Sizes a�� Some restaurants supersize meals and have larger portion sizes than you might expect so always be wary of this and lets face it, if you have accidently ordered something too large, you dona��t have to eat it if you dona��t want to. Dona��t feel obligated to finish a huge portion of fries that is way more than a usual portion is.